2009. november 12., csütörtök

Now, seriously...

So today, I received another forwarded email (about the 20th in a row in the last few days) with a good dose of advice about how to lower the risk of getting the H1N1 virus. Nice, indeed. However, as I'm skimming these lists, I do wonder if people really need to be reminded these pretty basic preventive methods like washing hands often, not touching your face, etc. ? Has everyone forgotten about these? Why? Weren't we taught by parents and schools, or are we living in a bubble thinking that modern medicine and vaccination is supposed to protect us from everything evil? Weird. To me, this is weird.

Bozót, out.

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  1. No, they aren't taught in schools/pre-schools, it was a struggle for me to get my 1st graders wash tehir hands before meals.