2009. november 10., kedd

Let's write

udit is getting more and more interested in letters and numbers. She can count nicely and add up single digits, which is probably not too special from a 5year old, but they aren't really taught such stuff in the kindergarten here.
Her interest in writing isn't that new , but now she not only wants me to pre-write isolated letters but whole words and she would copy all sorts of texts she happens to come across. I'm quite proud of her :) Just yesterday she and Öcsi asked me to print coloring pages and Judit made one for Grandma, one for Grandpa and one for me, and wrote her full name on all of them, plus "MAMA" on grandma's and "PAPA" on grandpa's. I giggled a bit on mine, as she obviously tried to write "ANYA" (Mum) several times but failed and finally wrote "ÉVA" - that is my name - on it. Creative :)

It's actually quite interesting that she sort of instinctively knew how to hold a pencil from a very early age (the same case with the spoon even earlier) Even her teacher in kindy was surprised by that! I think it's just her drive to do things exactly the same way as we do and her attention to detail. No biggie, but comforting nevertheless. I'm already excited about how she will do at school (which she might not get to start until 2011...)

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