2009. november 5., csütörtök

And post-mary?

I'm sitting in my IT class, half-asleep, when I notice I heard something my mind labelled as unprocessable(sp?) for the third time in a minute. And again the teacher says: blababla pre-mary blablabla


It turns out he wanted to say primary...oh, well... :)

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  1. Just stopping by to say thanks for the advice :) I did go to a running store to get my shoes. I'm pretty sure they are fine - I don't have any foot pain or anything. I need to get another pair (to have just in case) so I'll probably go again and have them look at my current shoes too. I have no idea if I'm running properly or not. From everything I've read, I think I am, but it's hard to tell.

    I have bad knees from an old injury so knee pain is normal for me. I just keep an eye on it and note it for future reference. I'm actually quite amazed that they don't hurt when I run.