2010. január 4., hétfő

Happy 10

I was tagged by Hevel

The idea is simple: Share ten things that make you happy and then tag ten friends so they, too can do this. Or tag less people if you want or not tag anyone at all :) And of course, you can do it even if you weren't tagged ;-)

1. Watching my kids learn new things.
2. Snuggling with kids on lazy mornings and before going to bed.
3. Running long and far
4. Spending time with friends online or in person.
5. Reading a good book.
6. Visiting new places.
7. Being creative (handcraft, cooking, baking, DIY, writing)
8. Making my friends or members of my family happy
9. Working in my garden and seeing the fruit of my labor :)
10. Shooting our bows with hubby

I'm tagging everyone who reads my blog :)

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