2009. október 11., vasárnap

Think global, run local :)

There was a local so-called running festival a few weeks ago. I did not get to run, but my daughter took part in the "kindergarten kids' " race (ages 3-6) and my hubby ran the beer team race with two of his colleagues!
Daughter had a blast! They ran 250meters and she came in within the first half of the pack! I'm so proud of her :)

Szecsői_futónap_2009 001

Every (kid)finisher received a bar of chocolate, a small can of juice, a balloon and an ice-cream!

Szecsői_futónap_2009 002

I hope to get hold of pics of my hubby doing the beer race soon! (approx 500meter laps, drink a glass of beer after each lap, repeat for 12minutes) He can't even remember how many laps they did LOL but they had fun !

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  1. I am estimating that in about two years (and 3 more Kiev trips) I will join your kindergarteners. I want that ice cream, what brand was it?

  2. You are very welcome, but I'm afraid you don't look young enough! (btw, there's a run/walk for the handicapped as well - no ice-cream, though)

    The ice-cream came fresh from a nearby café/confectionary (it's Hisztéria, you may have bumped into their other stores in West End City Center or Árkád)