2009. október 22., csütörtök

Life happens

My 3-year-old has been a nuisance these days and I have no idea why except that he is 3 years old. Maybe that's enough of a reason.

My parents are going on a weekend trip to visit relatives and do an early "Halloween" cemetery visit, topped with a day in the thermal bath of Komárom and they are taking my kids. Yay! I dropped the kiddos at my parents' place this afternoon and promptly started planning my 'lonely Mum Friday' , only to get a phone call somewhat later that my son has a slight fever, sore throat and a cough. Not. Cool. Dad says he will call tomorrow morning and then we'll see whether son is staying or going. Bummer...Now that I finally made up my mind about tomorrow's half marathon.....argh

As you can see there's a little logo/widget on the left that says IComLeavWe. Now that's a blogging "game" I decided to participate in. Check it out, you might like to play, too!

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